Meet The Owners

In June of 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Ben and Lacey decided they wanted to start their own clothing brand. Something practical yet purposeful - not just clothes, but something that would carry a message that would become timeless. After developing dozens of designs and ordering sample after sample, they put their project on hold and decided they would revisit the idea at a later time.

Nearly 2 years later, Ben had started playing around with designs and materials again, and had sent Lacey the flagship “His Favorite” design. Lacey made some adjustments and they placed an order for their first sample in August of 2022.

Immediately, upon wearing this shirt, the Barnes family had received compliments and inquiries as to what the shirt meant, and where it could be found. Many conversations led to moments of witness about Jesus Christ.

At His Favorite, we are devoted to spreading the message that we are all God’s Favorite.
With every purchase that is made, we vow to donate a portion to a local Faith-Based Nonprofit so that together, we can assist in their mission of empowering youth and young adults through education enrichment, life skills training and to combat hunger and food insecurity by way of a free community food pantry.

Our goal is that with each wear of our brand, you are a constant reminder to yourself and to others that we are all God’s Favorite.